Data Science

Data Science Services

Data Science Services

Increasingly, vast volumes of data from an ever-growing range of sources are available to business. This data, and the insight that can be derived from it, is being recognised more and more as a critical organisational asset. Data Science is the catalyst to transform organisations that are rich in data into organisations that are information and insights-rich. In every business, thousands of decisions are made each day; strategic, tactical, and operational. It is increasingly recognised that actionable intelligence is the key to making the right decisions at the right time.

EOH Big Data Analytics has a robust data science capability, possessing well-developed expertise and experience in developing actionable intelligence for optimal business decision-making in pursuit of effective risk management, cost containment, revenue and profit growth, and customer retention and acquisition.

EOH Big Data Analytics’ capability in data science spans the full advanced analytics continuum of Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive modelling. In developing our data science solutions, we utilise Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Cognitive Computing techniques and methodologies to discover insights and develop our models.


Improved Management Of Your Company’s
Credit Process Through The Provision Of:

  • Application scoring models & scorecards
  • Behaviour scoring models & scorecards
  • Collections-recovery models & scorecards

Enchanced Customer Relationship Management
Through CRM Direct Marketing & Sales-
Promotion Campaigns, Driven By:

  • Customer segmentation modelling
  • Cross-sell propensity models
  • Up-sell propensity models
  • Customer Churn propensity models
  • Activation & re-activition propensity models

Enchanced Understanding Of Your
Customers Through The Provision Of:

  • Know-your-customer (KYC) insights
  • Customer transactional behaviour
  • Customer market basket
  • Customer purchasing-sequence
    pattern segmentation

Deeper Insight Into Your Customer Journeys And
Experiences, Created Through:

  • Analysis of every touchpoint your customers interact with, across multiple channels over
  • Analysis of customer research & survey data
  • Analysis of customer complaints data and
    verbatim comments
  • Content harvesting of customers’ social media commentary

Enchanced Ability To Quantify Customers’
Value To You Through:

  • Customer Loyalty modelling
  • Customer life-time-value modelling

Improved Supply-Chain Management
Achieved Through:

  • Inventory Control modelling and inventory
    replenishment modelling to enchance
    inventory management
  • Demand Forecast modelling and Demand
    Variability modelling
  • Optimal order quantity optimisation
  • Optimisation modelling for supply-chain
    process integration