Dynamic Analytics-Led Marketing

Data Science Services

Data Science Services

If you want to differentiate yourself, it is important to drive customer acquisition and retention through a comprehensive marketing strategy driven by predicative analytics. Through the collection and analysis of data, EOH Big Data Analytics can help organisations drive lead generation and make informed decisions that are supported by AI derived, predictive analytics. EOH Big Data Analytics offers these dynamic services:

Business Marketing Objectives

Customer Acquisition

Customer Retention

Expanding Relationships

Marketing Strategy

  • Digital Strategy Definition
  • Marketing And Digital Strategy Alignment
  • Customer Demographic & Psychographic Segmentation
  • Persona Creation
  • Message Crafting

Marketing Programme Execution

  • Leads Profiling And Provisioning
  • Advanced Data Modelling
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Direction Marketing Execution, Including: Call Centre, Sms Campaign, Email Campaign, And Response Modelling.

Customer 360

  • Interaction Analytics, Including: Crm, Call Centre, Online, And App
  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Net Promotor Score Insights
  • Customer Industry Insights
  • Customer Data Enrichment

Profit Realisation

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Loyalty Modelling
  • Customer Churn Modelling
  • Customer Up-sell And Cross-sell Modelling