Our Approach

Way of Work

Trusted Partnerships

  • Reliable, transparent working relationship.
  • Embodying your values to unlock quality standards.

Flexible Commercial Models

  • Time & Materials.
  • Set Costing.

Scaleable skilled knowledge Practitioners

  • Continuous professional development.
  • Global reach.
  • Imparting of skills to your team.

Co-created Value & Innovation

  • Solution driven.
  • Problem solving.

Why Us?

Technical proficiency

Wide ranging skills base across Big Data
ecosystem: Hadoop, Apache, Open Source,
as well as traditional toolset integrations

Anti-fragile ecosystem

Setting up ecosystem that adapt
by gaining from disorder.

Augmented skills pool

Large skills base that can be
deployed local, off-shore and

Continuous Professional

Rigorous feedback through
after-action reviews. Coaching
& mentoring. Certification programmes.

ZAR-based pricing

Ability to provide global reach
of skills at local in-country
rates if needed.

Peer review with tech partner

Open and transparent relationship
with technology partners.
Sharing of knowledge and practices
to continuously raise the bar.